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  • The SATIS Productive Network is the socio-economic system proposed by Ser y Saber whose operational area is a network of synergistically integrated websites. In its most central part we find the following websites:

    • Connector network

      Virtual educational platform in charge of most of the teaching and learning process inherent in the socio-economic system of the SATIS network: House of Instruction

      Official site of the SATIS network of Ser Y Saber SAS: SATIS

      Produce with us: RR. II.

      Main email for general assistance:

    • Helpdesks

      Each SATIS network website has its own user assistance area with the possibility of synchronous (chat, phone call) and asynchronous (ticket, email) communication. The SATIS network has a global assistance system to support the help offered by network websites.

      Official assistance center for SATIS network members: SYS DESK

      SATIS Help Center: SATIS DESK

      Customer Portal - Knowledge Bank

  • Websites of members of the productive network SATIS:


    Shop wear: Tienda


    Transport: GNT


    Home service/Reservation: Fast food

    • Accommodation

      Hotels Center: Friendly House

      families that offer accommodation of excellent quality: FH Hotels

      Personal hotels: FH1


"The productive network SATIS, by Ser Y Saber, is fertile ground to prosper."

SATIS: "the she one that flies like an arrow."


SATIS Productive Network

It all depends on individual responsibility (self-leadership) and SATIS proposes to work characterizing the absence of rules, with unpredictability and in search of diversity, independence between members and multiplicity of values, attitudes and modes of conduct.
In SATIS there is no "network achievement", the achievement obtained is the sum total of individual results and in SATIS each member obtains independently and proportional to their level of participation (heterogeneous and asymmetric contributions).

Yes, working in a team provides identity, order and leadership, but it requires homogeneity and mediocrity, obedience and submission. SATIS is not a team and if it is a network, that makes it possible for its members to have identity and direction without giving up their autonomy. SATIS spreads ideas because ideas (more than people) decide the course. In SATIS they do not require consensus to propose an idea (such as article or comment, for example), they can put it into practice (blog, forum) and they can start a project (club, product or service, for example).